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Focus on Your Family Webinar Series Part One

| Jenni Brown |

The Enneagram: How Can it Help My Marriage?

In this family based webinar, family law attorney and founder of Brown & Dutton Law Firm Jenni Brown talks to Enneagram Coach Shannon Anderson about the Enneagram and its use a tool to learn about your personality and how you relate to the world and people of other Enneagram types. This webinar specifically will focus on your relationship with your spouse, and how the Enneagram can influence your behavior and communciation.

The Focus on Your Family webinar series was developed to help our community learn from leaders in all disciplines about how to improve our family dynamics, relationships, and communication skills regardless of what their family looks like. Whether a nuclear family, a single parent, a blended family, former spouses, or people going through divorce, this series can help everyone know themselves better and how to effectively communicate and empathize with the people in their lives.

At Brown & Dutton, we truly care about our community and want to help increase people’s quality of life, no matter what family law matter they are going through.

About Brown & Dutton Law Firm

At Brown & Dutton Law Firm, we specialize in family law and criminal cases. We serve our community in matters of divorce, modifications, child custody, child support, legitimation, and more. Jenni Brown, Lance Dutton, and Tracy Crider have more than 32 years of litigation experience in Georgia and have helped countless clients through difficult matters concerning family and criminal law.

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