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“Our law firm is unlike others; we like to work very closely with our clients. We keep the communication lines open for them and we make it our mission to keep them in the loop about their proceedings. We are also very transparent about the results we foresee in their particular case.”


Jenni Brown

Lance Dutton

Tracy Crider


“We felt like we were represented in the best possible way. She handles herself very professionally in court and represents you in the best possible way. We would strongly recommend her.”



We are reliable divorce lawyers and will always be honest and sincere with our clients.


Our divorce attorneys communicate with our clients constantly and consistently.


We are always truthful and realistic with our clients about their potential outcomes.

About Brown Dutton & Crider
Family Law Firm

The attorneys at Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm specialize in all areas of family law. Our divorce lawyers represent clients in matters of divorce, modifications, contempt of court, separate maintenance actions, child support, paternity, legitimation, and other family law related matters.  

Our partner family law attorneys are Jenni Brown, Lance Dutton, and Tracy Crider.

Jenni has over 11 years of experience in family law working with clients throughout metro Atlanta. Lance has combined his experience as a criminal litigator and extensive knowledge in family law cases to assist clients for over 14 years. Tracy is a former Warner Robbins Municipal Court Judge and has more than 14 years of experience as a family law attorney.

They have built their reputation by being thorough and prioritizing every case they take.

What sets BD&C Law Firm apart from other law firms is the close friendship between the partners that has continued to grow over the past ten years. We work together as a team and have the ability to continually learn and grow from each other. When you are a client at Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm you are treated like family.

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