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Family Law Attorneys Specializing in Alimony

Many states have calculators that determine the estimated amount of alimony one ex-spouse owes the other, but Georgia is not one of them. Courts will consider a variety of factors when determining alimony, such as:

  • Length of your marriage;
  • Financial means of you and your spouse;
  • Annual income of you and your spouse; and
  • Standard of living you and your spouse are accustomed to.

Court-ordered alimony may be temporary or permanent and can be paid periodically or in one lump sum. However, alimony is never guaranteed and at the end of the day, the court looks to determine one spouse’s need and the other’s ability to pay.

Having an experienced family attorney by your side will help you secure the alimony amount that works for your financial situation. Contact Brown Dutton & Crider today at (770) 422-4241 or email us at to discuss your alimony options.