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DIY Divorce: What it is and Why it is Risky

Divorce is a complicated process with an attorney involved, but it is even more complicated if you choose a “DIY” or “Do It Yourself” divorce. Much like the name implies, DIY divorce is a no-fault type of divorce that does not require an attorney. However, DIY divorce is extremely complicated, and the process is not an easy one.

Here are some reasons why a DIY divorce is risky:

There are a lot of deadlines involved in the divorce process, and someone who does not have legal training and experience handling divorce cases can come across difficulties when trying to file paperwork. If you miss a deadline or file something too soon, it can be dismissed, causing delays that could be prevented by hiring an attorney.

Potential benefits overlooked
Attorneys will without a doubt be able to identify potential factors that could benefit you during your divorce. You could be entitled to spousal support like alimony or avoid being responsible for certain debts that were acquired during your marriage. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to spot benefits like these. If you handle your divorce by yourself, you could miss opportunities due to a lack of legal training. Additionally, if you have minor children and child support is a part of your divorce agreement, an attorney can make sure you aren’t paying more than you’re required to or your spouse is paying less than they’re supposed to.

The hassle is not worth it
Sure, a DIY divorce might save you some money, but the hassle of understanding the legal terminology, filing the correct paperwork, getting said paperwork in on time and not too early, and correcting things when they don’t go as planned will probably cause you more trouble than it’s worth. Hiring an attorney will save you time, energy, and hardship. Divorce is not easy to begin with but doing it yourself adds strain that in the long run may cause you more problems.

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