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Firm Announcement: We Are Now Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm!

New year, new us! We are so excited to announce that Tracy Crider has been named a partner at the newly rebranded Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm. 

Tracy has been with the firm for over a year now as an attorney and has served countless clients in the Atlanta Metro Area with their family law needs. 

Tracy Crider knew she wanted to be a lawyer at age 12 when she started helping at her mother’s family law firm in Warner Robins, Georgia. After graduating from law school at the University of Georgia, Tracy joined her mother’s firm and ultimately ran it for five years. She helped clients with a variety of divorce and family law issues, including child custody, juvenile issues, and military divorce. Tracy also served as a Warner Robins Municipal Court judge, which has allowed her to provide a broader range of experience to her clients by knowing both sides of the bench.

After moving to Atlanta, Tracy looked for a collaborative family law firm that took the time to develop real relationships with clients.

Tracy’s clients appreciate her willingness to truly listen and address their questions, comments, and concerns while she guides them through what can often be the most emotional time in their lives. She understands that each client’s experiences are unique and very personal to the people involved.

When Tracy isn’t practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children, Cora and Teddy, and their poodle, Winnie. Tracy loves to cook and share a laugh with friends. Her favorite spot to vacation is the snow-covered mountains in France, as she is fluent in French.

“Since I came to Brown Dutton & Crider last year, Jenni, Lance, and I have built a partnership and firm that we are proud of. I am excited and honored that my name is now on the door alongside two people who are not just my partners, but two of my closest friends. I am excited for all that 2022 holds in store for us and I look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the same exceptional service and attention that they have always expected from our firm.”

  • Tracy Crider

About Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm:

Family law matters affect your life deeply and personally. Family law is far more than just another “legal matter.” It impacts your life, your children’s lives, your finances, and your future.

Whether our clients are going through a complex divorce, a child custody issue, or have a modification need, they are our number one priority. At Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm, our family law attorneys take pride in supporting our clients and guiding them through any challenges they are facing. Helping our clients improve their quality of life is the reason we do what we do. We walk with clients every step of the way.

At Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm, we are a group of experienced divorce and family law attorneys in Georgia with years of litigation experience and countless satisfied clients.

The attorneys at Brown Dutton & Crider would be honored to stand by your side during this difficult time. JenniLance, and Tracy are experienced, transparent, and compassionate Georgia family lawyers that have been practicing attorneys more than 30 years. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin planning for your future!