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Helpful Resources for Blended Families

Post-divorce life can be difficult to navigate. There is no rule book, especially when it comes to dating and getting remarried. One of the most difficult parts of relationships after divorce can be merging two families. However, it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do. 

Here are some helpful resources for blended families:

Everything Always (Podcast)

Michael and Summer Mulder

In this podcast hosted by a couple who went into their marriage each having two kids, Michael and Summer Mulder discuss all things co-parenting, marriage, and step families. It is an excellent podcast for all blended families, but especially for those who are new to navigating this terrain. 

The Nacho Kids Podcast: Blended Family Lifesaver (Podcast)

Lori Sims and David Sims

This is a fantastic podcast for blended families. Hosted by blended family coaches Lori and David Sims, you’ll hear about the struggles blended families often face and how to avoid the problems that often break people apart. 

(Step) Momming (Blog)

This blog is run by a stepmom for stepmoms. She posts valuable information under topics like self-care, parenting, custody, marriage, and more. She even offers stepmom support coaching for those step-moms who might want some more one-on-one help.

The Thing About Leftovers (Book)

C.C. Payne

This is a relatively short read at 288 pages, but it offers a real look at divorce and loss. The Thing About Leftovers is about a young girl, Fizzy, whose parents are divorced and have new significant others. She often feels like a guest in both of her homes, and struggles to feel welcome. From the author: “I also wrote hoping the book might inspire honest conversation between primary readers (kids) and secondary readers (parents and stepparents). Sometimes, I think our fears seem so monstrously big and scary that we’re afraid to even go near the box we’ve stuffed them into, much less open it, let those fears out, take a good hard look at them, and at what’s behind them. That makes articulating and discussing those fears–and laying them to rest–nearly impossible. But Fizzy and her family have done that. And in sharing and discussing this book, I hope other families are able to do that, too.” 

The Co-Parenting Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted and Resilient Kids from Little Ones to Young Adults through Divorce or Separation (Book)

Karen Bonnell and Kristin Little

This book isn’t specifically for blended families, but it is certainly a great resource for any family with children going through divorce. If you’re newly divorced, navigating co-parenting can be challenging. Navigating co-parenting with a stepparent can be even more difficult. This book covers boundary setting, conflict resolution, and more. 

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (Episode 1476)

This episode, while not specifically geared toward blended families, is an excellent resource for divorcing couples with children. In this episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Mister Rogers tackles the topic of divorce and explains to his young viewers that divorce is a “grown-up issue,” and not their fault. In the episode, after meeting a little girl whose parents are divorced, Prince Tuesday from the town of Make-Believe is worried that his parents are headed in the same direction and wishes that he didn’t have feelings so he wouldn’t experience the emotions he was feeling. Mister Rogers assures him that ignoring those feelings won’t be good for him and that addressing and working through his emotions is better than pretending it isn’t happening.

If you are navigating life post-divorce, take advantage of the many resources out there for you! Many people have gone through this before you and many people will go through it after you. Educating yourself and finding common ground with other people sharing tips and stories will benefit you in the long run.  

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