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How to Get Through Your Divorce

Divorce, even when amicable, is not an easy season to go through. When it is not amicable, however, that is when your emotions can take an even bigger hit.

Here are some helpful ways to cope with your divorce.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions to their full extent.

Pushing your feelings away, no matter what they are, is not healthy. Allowing yourself to wonder and question things and feel all of the things you are feeling is important so you can push through them and move on. Repressing your feelings will only cause them to come up later when you think you’ve moved on. Not allowing yourself to feel your emotions is an emotional setback and will cause more damage in the long run.

Don’t attempt to go through it alone.

Although divorce may feel isolating, you do not have to go through it alone. Sharing how you are feeling with family and friends, joining a support group, and allowing people to rally around you can help you get through your divorce and look to the future.

Try new things.

Take up a new hobby or do things you wouldn’t normally do. Focus on what you want the future version of yourself to look like; the part of you that has moved on past the heartbreak that divorce carries. Whether this looks like going on a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before, reconnecting with friends, or simply reading a book genre you wouldn’t normally read, allowing yourself to be comfortable with new things can benefit you in huge ways. You might discover something that you love doing in the process.

Try not to get laser focused on certain expectations.

Setting goals is okay, as well as having some basic expectations of your future based on what your plans are but setting expectations with someone else’s actions in mind can set you up for failure and cause unnecessary disappointment. If you’re currently going through a divorce, don’t let your mind run to places it shouldn’t or create unrealistic expectations of how your situation will turn out.

Focus on the positive.

Focusing on your future and creating new traditions with your friends or children is a good way to not get bogged down by the negative emotions that come with a divorce. Even though it might not feel like it at the moment, your future is bright, and what you feel today will not last forever.

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