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Contested Divorce

Contested divorce frequently involves issues relating to division of property…

Property Division

One contentious aspect of many divorces is the division of marital property to each…

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce has elements similar to both contested and uncontested divorce…


Many states have calculators that determine the estimated amount of alimony one…

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse both feel that a divorce is necessary and generally agree on…

Military Divorce

In some ways, a military divorce in Georgia is very similar to civilian divorce, but there…

Child Custody in Divorce

Both parents of a child must decide on the custody of minor children under the age of 18.

Child Support in Divorce

When going through a divorce, child support is mandatory when minor children are involved.

High Asset Divorce

Divorce is not an easy process and it only gets more complicated for high net worth individuals.


Child Custody

When parents get divorced, the divorce decree will specify child custody agreements…

Child Support

The Income Shares Model is based on the concept that the child should receive…


In the state of Georgia, if a couple is unmarried at the time of their child’s…


Family Law Attorneys with years of experience enforcing and defending contempt actions…

Post & Pre-Nuptial Agreements

No couple wants to think about divorce before they are married, but a prenuptial…

Paternity in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, a father who was unmarried at the time of his child’s birth…


Growing your family through adoption is one of life’s most fulfilling and admirable…

Domestic Partnerships

In Georgia, a Domestic Partnership is defined as two people of the opposite or same…

Criminal Law

There is nothing more frightening and that can cause long-term damage to you…


Mediation is the voluntary process in which a mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties. The mediator’s role is to help the parties find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute. Mediation can save parties time and money, as opposed to traditional litigation.

Mediation does not impose a solution; it is not binding until the parties reach and sign a settlement agreement. Mediation allows parties to come up with a solution that works best for their family.

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