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Your Checklist for Divorce in Georgia in 2024

For those considering divorce in 2023, January 2024 might be the time you decide to take the step to actually file. However, you may not know where to start. At Brown Dutton & Crider, we understand the complexities and emotional toll this process can take. To help you navigate this transformative chapter of your life, we’ve compiled a divorce checklist to help you prepare for divorce in Georgia in 2024.

Keep reading to learn tips and tricks to make your divorce go smoothly in 2024. 

Do Your Research and Find an Experienced Family Law Attorney 

Knowledge is power. Research what the divorce process looks like in Georgia, explore your options, such as mediation, litigation, or collaborative divorce, and choose the approach that aligns best with your situation and the outcome you desire. Your first step should be to find an experienced family law attorney who will stand by your side during this process and provide you with the legal guidance you need to get the best possible outcome. Understanding your rights and having a legal expert on your side will empower you throughout the divorce process. 

Get Organized 

The divorce process can get overwhelming. Organize your thoughts and priorities to take stress out of the equation. Work with your attorney to create a detailed plan, organize important documents, and maintain a divorce calendar to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and meetings. Setting clear objectives will ensure a smoother divorce process.

Get All Your Documents in One Place 

Before you begin the divorce process, gather documents like tax returns, wills, prenups or postnups, and financial statements. These documents are important for asset division and other aspects of the divorce process and having them prepared beforehand will make you and your attorney’s life easier.  

Get Your Finances in Order 

Before beginning the divorce process, it is important to evaluate your financial standing since Georgia follows a equitable distribution model for property division. This means that while most states divide assets equally, Georgia courts aim to split assets fairly. It is also essential to establish your separate funds dedicated to covering legal fees, living expenses, childcare, and any unexpected costs during your divorce journey. 

Understand Child Custody in Georgia 

If children are involved, you should always try to put their well-being above all else. Work with your attorney to determine how you can provide them with a stable and nurturing environment, whether through co-parenting, considering legitimation, or seeking full custody. 

Some factors the Georgia court considers for granting custody are: 

➡️ Each parent’s home environment and ability to care for and nurture the child 

➡️ Each parent’s physical and mental health 

➡️ Each parent’s emotional ties to the child 

➡️ Each parent’s ability to provide the child with food, clothing, and medical care 

➡️ The relationship between the child and any siblings, half-siblings, or stepsiblings who are in either parent’s home 

Take Care of Yourself 

While going through the complexities of divorce, don’t forget to take care of your well-being. It is important not to vent on social media and instead lean on support groups, friends, and family. Give yourself grace during this season of life and make sure you are taking care of yourself. 

Self-care may look like: 




Explore more ways to care for yourself during and after divorce here. 

The Attorneys at Brown Dutton & Crider Can Provide You with the Expert Counsel You Deserve 

At Brown Dutton & Crider, our attorneys understand that the divorce process can be confusing and difficult to navigate alone. A skilled attorney will make all the difference in your case. Our experienced family law attorneys are here to guide you through the process, protect your rights, and reach the best possible solution for your family’s unique situation.   

If you have questions about your situation or are interested in scheduling a consultation, contact the attorneys at Brown Dutton & Crider today. Call (678) 730-2578 or get in touch with us here.