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Divorce During the Holidays

| Jenni Brown |

The holidays are stressful for a lot of families. Throw a divorce in the mix and suddenly someone is snapping. It is important to take a deep breath during the holidays and remember it is about family, not about divorce. With that being said, we have some tips that can help you get through divorce during the holidays. 

Make New Family Traditions

While you were altogether, there were probably some traditions that you started with your children. Although things look different this year, try to blend family traditions from previous years in with your new traditions. It is important to create a new tradition with your kids, big or small, that you and your children can share in the coming years. Make it special for them and start something new!

Ditch the Guilt 

Doing something different during the holidays isn’t wrong. Don’t feel guilty for trying something new, embrace new traditions. Enjoy yourself so the kids don’t take that on either. There is nothing to feel guilty about that you decided to get a divorce because it was best for you. 

Try to Cooperate with your Ex

Before the holidays, talk to your ex and try to have the same goal for your children so they can enjoy the holidays. You don’t want your children to feel that they can’t enjoy the holiday now that you and your spouse aren’t together. Also, try to make a schedule that allows time for both extended families so your kids can see everyone for the holiday. Holidays are for family time and you want everyone to be together!

Don’t Spend the Holidays Alone 

Maybe you don’t have kids to share the holidays with, doesn’t mean you should spend them alone. Don’t avoid your family and friends, spend as much time as you can with them. Make plans with the people you care about to keep your mind off the negative. You can also find things to do during the holidays to make you feel better such as finding a support group, volunteer at a homeless shelter, bring food to people you need, or give back to the community. No matter what you do, don’t spend the holidays alone. 

Embrace What You Love about the Holidays

The holidays bring cheer and joy to most people. Don’t let divorce put you down during the happiest time of year. Figure out what puts you in the mood to celebrate, do all those things and more! Squeeze all the enjoyment you can out of the holiday season and be happy. 

Take One Holiday at a Time 

Try not to multi-task and look at all the holidays at once. Spread the holiday cheer out to occupy your time. Don’t do all the holiday activities at once, spread the joy out throughout the season to make sure you are doing it up to the fullest.