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Five Things to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Whether your divorce is contested, uncontested, or collaborative, it’s important to find the right divorce attorney for your case. Finding an advocate that will stand by your side and protect your future is crucial, so knowing what to look for in an attorney before hiring them is vital.

Someone who will keep you in the know.

An attorney that keeps you updated, communicates with you consistently, and helps you understand the divorce process is the kind of attorney you want by your side. Divorce is complex enough as it is, so any confusion or lack of transparency can add to the stress you’re already experiencing. An excellent divorce attorney will educate you as much as possible.

Someone who is experienced.

Hiring an attorney that has the necessary skills and experience to help your case is extremely important. An attorney like this will be able to talk you through the process more effectively and with more clarity, will know what to expect when, and can often get you the result you want more so than an inexperienced attorney.

Someone who can adjust according to the circumstances.

An attorney that can adjust their behavior, attitude, and resources according to the circumstances surrounding your case is crucial. If a particular situation requires an aggressive attorney, you don’t want someone who is timid and quiet. Likewise, if the circumstances require sensitivity, you don’t want an attorney who can’t change their demeanor.

Someone who will tell you like it is.

It is not helpful or efficient to hire an attorney that will lie to you or sugarcoat things to avoid hurting your feelings or sharing hard news. An excellent and experienced divorce lawyer will tell you the truth, whether it is good or bad. This is an important trait in an attorney, as it is indicative of their ability to communicate with you and their capacity to keep you updated about your case!

Someone who specializes in family law.

Find an attorney who specializes in family law. Why? Because they’ll be able to better assist you throughout your case. Their sole focus will be on the details of your family law matter, and they’ll be able to walk you through the process better than an attorney who has many specialty areas and might not have a lot of experience in family law.

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