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Coping with Divorce Through Art with Teresa Woodruff

This webinar is a fantastic deep-dive into how art therapy can be extremely beneficial for children going through any kind of major life transition. ⁣⁣A lot of times, children whose parents are going through a divorce have a lot of built-up emotions that they don’t know how to express externally. When this happens, they might act out, do poorly in school, or go through some major attitude transitions.

Giving children the opportunity to express themselves is extremely important, and can open the door for you as a parent to have a transparent and willing conversation with your child.

In the webinar, Teresa talks to Jenni and Tracy about how to handle these changes, as well as provide tools to work with your child. Watch today to learn more!

Art it Out Therapy Center:
⁣255 Village Parkway Suite 580⁣
Marietta, GA 30067⁣⁣
Ph: (770) 726-9589

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