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I’m Divorced…Now What?

Going through a divorce isn’t an easy process for anyone. Even it is something that you wanted, it takes time to understand how to get back on your own and start living life by yourself again. When anyone starts over there is an upheaval of emotions that one goes through. These will include periods of adjustment, active recovery, and life reformation.

Let’s go over some strategies you can use to help move through a divorce and to a healthy new life.

You need to be able to let yourself feel. When going through a divorce, there are going to be so many emotions flowing through your mind and a lot of outside opinions on how you should be feeling. No matter what those feelings are, you need to find time to let them out. By doing this your recovery will be better in the long run.

You have let your feelings out, now it is time to talk it out. At the end of the day a divorce is a loss. Seeking professional guidance and talking with a therapist can help you create time and space to grieve. These professionals will be able to give you the solid support you need to get through the grief process. Try to avoid stumbling blocks. Your therapist can help if you’re getting stuck on anger, resentment, extreme sadness, or even anxiety of being alone. Falling into self-blame can be easy which could trigger you into a downward spiral. This is why talking it out and seeking outside guidance is so important.

By working with a professional, you will be able to learn coping skills. However, it is up to you to embrace these coping skills. It is important to maintain healthy sleep, diet, exercise, and avoiding mood-altering chemicals. You want to focus on positive self-care, self-soothing, and engage in pleasurable activities.

If your divorce includes children, it is vital to work together with your ex to focus on the children. It is time to embrace your co-parent role and try to make decisions together. Together you can explore what post-divorce looks like for your children.

A major thing you want to not do is jump into a new relationship. You need time to heal and focus on what you want and need. There are lessons to learn from your old relationship and it is important to figure those out prior to starting anything new.

By using self-help book and guidance, you can avoid hanging on in desperation to your marriage. Information is power and by using books, online resources, and divorce recovery groups; you can learn to not feel dependent on your ex and start to be you again.

At the end of it all, it is very important to stay hopeful and remain positive! Divorces are hard and it is ok to ask for help when needed.

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