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Is Your Divorce Really Uncontested?

| Brown Dutton & Crider |

Once you and your spouse have made the decision to file for divorce, it’s important to know what type of divorce is right for you. By definition, a contested divorce is when the divorcing couple cannot agree on one or more important issues, such as property division, finances, or child custody issues. An uncontested divorce involves a divorce decree where neither individual has any financial or child custody disputes.

A lot of divorcing couples start out thinking that they agree on everything, but then once they get into the details, they realize that their divorce is not truly uncontested and have to pivot in order to minimize any potential issues.

Because we understand how confusing and difficult this process can be, we created a resource for divorcing individuals who might not fully understand what type of divorce they should pursue. In this video, Jenni and Tracy discuss what qualifies a divorce as truly uncontested, and what steps both parties should take if this is the case.

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