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Adoption Lawyers

Atlanta Family Law Attorneys helping you grow your family through adoption.

Growing your family through adoption is one of life’s most fulfilling and admirable actions. However, the adoption process for prospective parents can be extremely complicated and stressful.

After you begin the process by filing a detailed adoption petition, the state will begin a lengthy investigation to verify your claims and ensure that the child you adopt is entering a stable and loving household. If you are married, your spouse will also need to be listed on the petition.

In addition to the documents required to attach your petition, the attorney you retain is also required to submit certain forms.

Due to the complex nature of the adoption process in Georgia, utilizing an experienced family law attorney that has your family and your future child’s best interest in mind is vital. Reach out to Brown Dutton & Crider Law Firm today to speak with one of our dedicated attorneys about what the adoption process will look like for you, as well as what your options are. Call today at (770) 422-4241 or email