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Collaborative Divorce

Team-Based Approach for Settling Your Divorce

Collaborative divorce has elements similar to both contested and uncontested divorce. Like uncontested divorce, a collaborative proceeding avoids court while using neutral third parties to help reach an agreement (similar to elements of a contested divorce). Collaborative divorce puts the spouses in the driver’s seat and does not leave them up to the mercy of a judge, whose decisions are legally binding.

In this unique proceeding, both spouses will still retain family law attorneys. Each legal team will assist heavily in negotiating the agreement. Other professionals, such as family counselors, financial advisors, divorce coaches, and child specialists, may be present during a collaborative divorce to give opinions and facilitate an optimal agreement.

If you and your spouse are not interested in taking sides during your divorce and want to ultimately come together to negotiate a divorce agreement that the judge may then approve, collaborative divorce is for you. Collaborative divorce is an honest and transparent way to ensure that you and your spouse can part ways without all of the emotional and financial stress that comes with a contested divorce. Our attorneys are among the few in Georgia that are trained to handle collaborative divorce cases.

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